Rescue Duct, Air Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning

If you have seen the truck with the giant yellow duck in the fireman’s suit on the side, you have seen the Rescue Duct truck. Rescue Duct is a two-year-old air duct and dryer vent cleaning business, owned and operated by two local veterans.

How It Started

Art Schlangen, a Coast Guard veteran and now a Lieutenant with the Franklin Fire Department, was looking for a business opportunity when he realized there was not a professional air duct cleaning company on the southside with a truck mounted system. Other duct cleaners used small portable units or brushes.

Art and his wife Rhonda contacted longtime friends Jim Girdley and his wife Meresa (Baker) to discuss the opportunity. Jim, just retired from the National Guard as a Lt. Colonel, was looking for a new endeavor. After months of planning and market research, it was time to put the plan into action. They obtained equipment, outfitted a truck, went to Pittsburgh to train, advertised and did some pro bono work to get started. So many things fell into place so quickly that Art states “divine providence led us here.”

Why the Truck and The Duck

The truck mounted unit provides a powerful vacuum sucking out debris while air whips pass through the ducts, dislodging the “yuck” clinging to your ducts. Using a large vacuum also keeps a home cleaner during the process.

The duck was Art’s idea. It was one of those ideas that “sort of comes to you, and you scribble it out on a piece of paper.” With the help of a graphic designer, the “Rescue Duck” was hatched and now adorns their trucks which leads people to ask if it is a franchise. The answer: “Not yet!”

Why Clean Air Ducts

Dust or dirt and warm air provide a place for bacteria, germs and viruses to live. Look at the before and after pictures. Do you really want the air you breathe passing by that “stuff”?

Why Clean Dryer Vents

Many people are unaware of the danger from the buildup of lint in their dryer vent. The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) states there are over 15,000 fires annually in the United States that started in the laundry. Over 90 percent are caused by dryer lint and dryer vents, resulting in property damage and even death.

Benefits of Keeping Your Air Ducts and Dryer Vents Clean

• Reduces Allergens Such as Dust, Mold, Bacteria and Fungi Resulting in Cleaner, Healthier Air
• Reduces Dust and Dusting and Keeps Draperies, Furnishings and Carpets Cleaner
• Increases Furnace Efficiency and Air Flow, Reducing Furnace and A/C Repairs
• Air Ducts Can Be Disinfected Using a Natural, Food Grade, Product
• Reduce Fire Risk – Clean Dryer Vents at Least Annually

Why Use Rescue Duct

•It Takes More Than a Truck and A Duck to Do the Job Right
• Art, Jim And Their Staff Are Trained Air Duct Cleaning Specialists
• Truck Mounted System Cleans Better Than Smaller Units
• Several Cleaning Options Allow Them to Clean Air Ducts Others Can’t

Art and Rhonda and Jim and Meresa live in Center Grove. Rhonda and Meresa are the “silent partners” working on advertising, equipment and business development. “We couldn’t have done it without them,” adds Art.