Kate in the Middle

Writer / Kate Rhoten Healthcare is necessary, and while it may be a touchy subject among our peers, I’d like to share a little story about a recent experience that sheds light on the challenges […]



I remember when I had my first son. I was thrilled. I didn’t want to know beforehand what we would be having, but my husband drove me a little crazy wanting to know. So, at […]


Two Cents Worth

Writer / Kate Rhoten I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, my two cents worth. In April of this year, you did get two cents back from the United States Parcel Service. Did you miss that […]


Clear the Clutter

Writer  /  Kate Rhoten In January, I wrote about my newfound tiny obsession – tiny homes that are less than 20 percent as large as the average sized home. In the spirit of having less […]

Feature Story

A Tiny Obsession

Writer  /  Kate Rhoten Last month, I purposely did not write about resolutions. Did you make a resolution before New Year’s? It’s early February and it is OK to start your resolution now. According to […]

Kate in The Middle

Giving Thanks

Writer  /  Kate Rhoten It’s November and the holidays are fast approaching. It’s probably is one of the busiest seasons for families. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. It has been my favorite since I was […]