Celebrating Advent Leads One Woman to A Merry Christmas

Writer  /  Tia Nielsen
Photographer  /  G. Polly Jordan

Five years ago, life for Polly Riddell seemed to be going backward. A head injury forced a return to her Indiana hometown to give her a place to heal. Moving in with her mother, Polly’s return — her personal advent — may not have seemed like a desired arrival.

Polly used her years of healing to reflect more intently on the true meaning of her favorite season of the year, Christmas. She noticed that observing Advent, the four weeks leading up to Christmas, greatly increased the meaning. She also longed for the day she could be in her own home once again to lavishly decorate for Christmas.

“As the holidays approached, I would go to [local business] Silk Scapes and become immersed in the majestic Christmas decorations. [They] start their Christmas decorating in August.” Polly is grateful that Silk Scapes let her photograph their glamourous decorations year after year and post the photos and her reflections on Facebook.

“I visited every week eager with anticipation to see what would be created at my next visit. I dreamed of putting together an Advent calendar to showcase the stunning Christmas decorations,” Polly said. “It took three years to put together.”

Published under her pen name of G. Polly Jordan, the calendar includes engaging photos for each day. They are paired with a few salient words: words from Scripture, favorite Christian authors who generously gave their blessings on her project or fresh insights from a healing Polly.

Polly’s website, RiskyUndertaking.com, is a journey “to inspire, motivate, encourage and entertain.” Polly writes stories we can relate to, displays breathtaking photographs, offers fun cooking helps, a spirit of adventure and lots of Christmas! You’ll also find her brand new Advent and 2016 calendars available.

Two years ago, Polly moved into her new home, a cabin in the woods. “Christmas at my house is humorous and original. Following Christ is a risky undertaking with rewards and transformation beyond your wildest imagination. God’s history-changing entrance into the world has been celebrated for more than 2,000 years. When Christ entered our world, He didn’t come to brighten our Decembers but to transform our lives.”

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