Find Help with The ABC’s of Medicare

Tom Weartz, Sterling Insurance, Employee Benefit ManagementIf you find Medicare options confusing you need to meet Tom Weartz of Sterling Insurance, Greenwood’s local benefits adviser and Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement expert. With nearly 30 years’ experience designing health care solutions for small and midsize businesses, Tom understands the frustration with an ever-changing insurance market.  He is well versed in the many options available and will take the time to help find the Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plan that best fits your needs.

When looking at all the available options, it’s easy to get confused. Tom says “The most important thing is knowing the questions to ask to guide you to the best choice. It is more involved than deciding what monthly premium or which drug card you can afford.” You need a thorough review of your personal health care needs and financial situation to guide you to the best option for Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement programs.

Sterling Insurance has been helping people make the right choices since 1989 by asking the right questions and taking the time to find answers to yours.

  • What does Max Out of Pocket mean?
  • What does a Cost Share mean?
  • What is a supplemental plan and why does it cost more per month?

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  • Is prescription drug coverage available as a stand-alone option?
  • Are drug prices the same from plan to plan?

Review Coverage = Significant Savings

It is not uncommon, for a person’s total out of pocket expenses to be reduced by several thousand dollars just by choosing the Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plan that fits best for that individual. Tom urges people to take advantage of the annual open enrollment period. “Use it to your advantage. You have the option to select a new plan each year, and you can’t be denied coverage.”  As your health and life changes, you want to make sure that your plan matches your needs.

Navigating the world of health insurance, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement coverage is not something most people know how to do. A client recently told Tom “The more I looked online the more confused I got.”

Tom and his team have been helping Indiana businesses and municipalities with their health insurance needs for decades. That experience is invaluable to helping you make the right choice.

Open enrollment continues through December 7 and Tom says “Don’t wait until December 7. Unlike with taxes, you can’t get an extension on choosing your Medicare options.”

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