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On State Road 135 in Greenwood, between Walgreens and Qdoba in Center Grove, sits a small building broadcasting the words: Sauer Dentistry. Inside, Dr. Aaron Sauer, as well as his wife and staff, have ideas to make a visit to a Greenwood dentist more well-loved.

Dr. Sauer relates that “After graduation from IU School of Dentistry in 2006 and before I started this practice I worked as an associate at other area offices. In 2010 I started my own practice to create a completely patient-focused experience and to make going to the dentist as comfortable as possible” Dr. Sauer related.

With the goal in mind, Sauer Dentistry has grown quickly. Dr. Sauer’s wife, and office manager, Ambrosia commented, “As a result, we recently added our first associate dentist, Dr. Todd Hardin. His focus is on the patient experience just like Aaron, and he allows to better accommodate our patients and to be open additional hours. We offer evening, Friday and Saturday hours. Dr. Hardin is from Martinsville, and he is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and IU School of Dentistry. “

“We are a family-friendly practice for all ages. Our No. 1 goal is for the patient to be happy and comfortable,” Ambrosia added. “We do Sauer Family Dentistry Greenwood Dentista lot of different things for our patients, including a new patient tour and gift and a handwritten thank you after the initial appointment. We also hand write thank you notes to our existing patients who refer their friends and family and include a gift card to show our appreciation. We have TVs in every room, free Wi-Fi, a beverage and snack station, warm scented towels, blankets and headphones available. Our patients can choose to watch TV, movies or simply relax.”

The practice features digital X-rays. The pictures that are clearer and problems may be caught sooner. Sauer Dentistry strives to be one-stop dental office; root canals, extractions, crowns made in the office, implants, dentures, and other dental services are available. Intraoral cameras allow the patient to see exactly what the dentist or hygienists see. Patients with high anxiety you will appreciate nitrous oxide and conscious sedation options.

The Sauers have kept the practice family-friendly by staying close to their roots and remembering what is important. Namely: their community, their patients and their own family.

“Aaron and I have been married for 15 years,” said Ambrosia a Center Grove graduate. “We met as undergraduates at IU. We have four sons: an almost 13-year-old named Raef, and triplet 10-year-olds named Atticus, Finn and Daxon. Before we had the triplets, I was an English teacher. Now, I work the front desk and help manage the practice.

“Dr. Sauer and staff are incredible,” a patient posted on Facebook. “Our son took a fall at school and they did not hesitate to get us in as soon as possible … and they made us and our little boy feel completely at ease.” It sounds like Dr. Sauer and his staff have achieved their goal of making dental visit as comfortable as possible

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