Historical Johnson County

Two Cent Road

Location: On State Road 144, it is 8/10 mile south-east of State Road 135.

When Johnson County was new, roads were paths made by Native Americans and wildlife. The woods were wild with dense undergrowth. Traveling anywhere took hours of walking through mud and water! Three Notch Road, now State Road 135, was a trail blazed by Native Americans marked by three notches cut in trees along its path. Two-cent Road was a plank road which ran east and west between State Road 144 and what is now South Baldwin Street in Old Bargersville. A plank road consisted of tree logs cut in half lengthwise. The logs were laid side-by-side with the flat side up. The road was not to exceed 8 feet in width. Travelers were required to pay two cents to use the muddy road at a toll gate.

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