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Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite, or Anything Else

Regardless of how clean you keep your home, you are going to have some kind of pest problem at some point. Bed bugs can be one of the more difficult pests to control. If you are someone who jumps online to find the solution, you probably think heat treatment is the only way to kill bed bugs. Josh Lewis of Irish Brothers Pest Control says that is not the case.

“A protocol of chemical treatments can be just as effective,” he says. Heat treatment takes a full day and is expensive. A low odor pesticide will take a few treatments and provide a much lower total cost.

Josh and his friend and business partner Kevin Burchett know pests. What kind of pests will they deal with? “If it is alive and bothers you, we will take care of it,” Lewis says.

Since starting the business in 2012, Irish Brothers have dealt with just about every kind of pest imaginable, from creepy crawly insects to nuisance animals including raccoons, geese, possum, squirrels and even the occasional coyote that got a little too close for comfort.

Lewis says, “Sometimes people call at the sight of one bug.” Others are more tolerant, and he added “I am often surprised by the ‘things’ I find.”

Josh received his training at Purdue University and is certified by the Indiana State Chemists office and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources for nuisance animal control. As the business has grown, Kevin has expanded his role from managing the growing company to include service. He recently received his certification from the Indiana State Chemists office.

The growth of the business meant Irish Brothers needed more space and has recently moved into a building in downtown Franklin. As you can see in the rendering, it is a former gas station. It is being restored, maintaining the classic look of a full-service station. “The building will be one more step in the renewal of Franklin’s downtown,” Kevin said, “and we are glad to be part of it.”

Although they all kinds of pests and nuisance animals, they have gained a strong reputation for dealing with bed bugs. Two pest control companies in Bloomington now refer all their bed bug work to Irish Brothers. “It keeps us busy, but our primary focus is on Johnson County, Center Grove, Greenwood, Whiteland, Bargersville and Franklin,” Kevin added.

As for the origin of the name “Irish Brothers,” it just sounded right, according to Lewis. “Kevin and I are both of Irish heritage, and although we are not brothers, people always ask if we are.” They may not be brothers, but they are partners and friends in a growing local business.

When asked why they are growing so quickly, Kevin and Josh both agree that with their name on everything they do, they focus on keeping customers happy. “We set expectations up front and guarantee our work 100 percent,” added Josh. “We have developed an integrated pest management process. It is not just spraying. We determine what species, why they are there, find the access point, remove things that attract pests, resolve the problem and provide follow-up treatments and inspections.”

Irish Brothers serves both residential and commercial customers. The next time you find yourself saying “Stop bugging me,” you’ll find that Irish Brothers Pest Control is the one to call for an affordable way to deal with pests and nuisance animals. They may not be brothers, but they do know their pests.

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