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Dr. Maiers (far left) attends to an injured IU player. Dr. Maiers is part of the medical team for IU Athletics.

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Methodist Sports Medicine (MSM), which has been serving Southside residents since 1996 at its current satellite location on SR 135, will be opening a new, larger Southside office in 2015. MSM also offers services in Carmel, and is excited to announce this relocation to a larger space in Greenwood.

MSM offers several specialty medical services for a variety of patient needs. As a long-term provider to this area, and official team physicians of the Indianapolis Colts since 1984, MSM’s commitment to excellence in orthopedic sports medicine care in Greenwood will feature a unique magnetic resonance imaging system (MRI). The Ingenia 3 Tesla (3.0T) from Philips Healthcare represents the latest in technology.

“Methodist Sports Medicine has made more of an investment, to get the best diagnostic imaging for their patients,” said Dan Bailey, Philips MRI Product Specialist. MSM hosts the only fully digital 3T MRI in the state of Indiana, which allows patients the complete assurance that the orthopedic imaging they receive is the highest quality imaging available.

G. Peter Maiers II, M.D., a team physician and orthopedic consultant for IU athletics for MSM works specifically with this imaging and has for over seven years. Specializing in sports medicine, as well as knee and hip injuries, Dr. Maiers noted that not many places use the Ingenia 3T MRI, and that it stands out by allowing providers and physicians to make more informed and accurate decisions. It also provides a more comprehensive read out to patients due to the clarity and precise nature of the 3T imaging.

Three medical benefits Dr. Maiers has experienced in using the Ingenia 3T MRI:

  • Better imaging specific to cartilage – Helps provide a significantly clearer diagnosis for patients in specific areas of the body;
  • Superior Imaging – Allows physicians to better explain the specific injury (or lack thereof) to patients and their families;
  • Quicker diagnosis – In the past where dye would have to be shot into specific areas of the body to make a more accurate diagnosis, the Ingenia 3T MRI removes this step due to the clarity of its imaging. This saves a lot of time in the treatment plan for all patients.

“The overall benefit of Methodist Sports Medicine utilizing this technology and high field strength magnetic field is more value for the same price. It is comparable to a high definition TV for the price of a regular TV,” explained Dr. Maiers.

3T MRIs are not new to the medical field. They have, in fact, been in practice for several years. Many practices use 1.5 T imaging, while some have chosen 3T. The 1.5T imaging may be fine for many imaging needs. In the beginning of 3T’s use in the marketplace, the quality of precise imaging was considered compromised when focusing on imaging of certain anatomies. Many hospitals, clinics and medical personnel chose to upgrade their MRI capabilities to the new generation of 3T. This new generation has removed these compromises and provided a much superior result in imaging for both diagnostics and therapy, especially in musculoskeletal applications. In the past, 3T MRI imaging was used primarily for neuro and musculoskeletal; now that has developed into breast, body and cardiac imaging.

Three differentiating technical features in the use of Ingenia’s 3T product:

  • Better image quality and faster processing time – a higher parameter in 3T imaging versus 1.5T;
  • Largest scan field-of-view in the industry – fewer imaging sequences are necessary for patients thus enhancing the user and physician experience;
  • The world’s first fully digital MRI – resulting in an overall lower life cycle cost for anyone using this technology.

Collectively, these factors have earned a #1 rating with Ingenia’s 3T MRI users for two consecutive years.

MSM provides an array of medical specialists, which allows patients the comfort and reassurance of having an expert opinion, and to be armed with the latest technology, therefore resulting in a more definitive diagnosis. In the long run, this allows a more concise treatment plan for patients and leaves less room for misguided treatments. This then provides cost savings to both the practice and more importantly, to the patient.

As a welcomed and trusted member of Greenwood for nearly two decades, Methodist Sports Medicine provides our community with an exclusive technology that allows families to feel the care they are getting is unmatched.

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