Kate Rhoten

Kate RhotenI remember when I had my first son. I was thrilled. I didn’t want to know beforehand what we would be having, but my husband drove me a little crazy wanting to know. So, at one of my regularly scheduled appointments, I decided to find out. I was the only holdout, and I knew he wouldn’t be upset with me.

We were living in northeast Florida, and as it just so happened with the timing, Ryan was traveling for work when I had this appointment. After his business trip, we were going to meet up in Phoenix for a long weekend to see some friends. That’s when I knew I could have some fun.

When Ryan and our friend picked me up at the airport, Ryan asked how I was and how the appointment went. My response, “It was good, and your son is doing well.” It took a minute, but when he realized what I said, he was excited and full of questions to make certain he heard me right.

And so, we were on our way to having our first son. What a joyful and scary time. Everything was new, exciting and overwhelming at times. That journey began in 1998. As time passed, we started thinking about having a second child.

I never wanted to have only one child, so having a second was never a concern. But I did ponder what it would be like to have a girl. It would be really cool to have both a boy and a girl. But I knew that this time around, I did not want to know what I was having – I wanted to be surprised.

In 2001, we found out we were expecting again. We managed to go through the entire pregnancy without finding out what our new little one was going to be. Many times, I was certain that I was carrying a girl. The feeling of this pregnancy was very different from the first. I had lots of heartburn and felt very different.

Fast-forward to December and delivery day. Imagine the surprise when we had another boy. I wouldn’t say I was disappointed, but I was pretty darn sure that I was having a girl. It just wasn’t in the cards. We were blessed with another healthy baby. And I fell in love with him fast.

The time between their births did not go by as fast as the years since they both were in my life. Today, as I sit back and observe my young men, they do make me proud. They are considerate, funny, respectful, easygoing and smart. They enjoy being in each other’s company and are comfortable being alone. They can speak to adults easily and be engaging. Both are happy and healthy.

Both boys are in high school now, and we are floating on the winds of change. My oldest son is heading into his last semester of senior year, and his choice for where he will attend college has been decided. The youngest just finished his first semester of high school and experienced finals. He’s also getting ready to learn how to drive. Oh, the changes are coming.

As a mom, I look forward to the next chapters, and perhaps I am thinking of this because of the New Year. New opportunities will present themselves in 2017, and I look forward to seeing what they will be. My youngest likes Albert Einstein, so I will close with a quote from him – “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.”